Take action now! If you feel the need to empower yourself against an unfortunate episode of cyber bullying or, if you saw something that is inappropriate; uTell it.


  • Tell your parents, teacher or other trusted adult – don’t stay silent and hope it will go away – it won’t!
  • Capture screen shots of the content that is upsetting you. How? Go to the U Learn How to section, watch the relevant video for your device.
  • Save and store screenshots of emails, chat logs or SMS’s in case of Police investigation
  • Block and delete the bully from all contact lists
  • Do not respond to nasty emails, chats, SMS or comments – this is what the bully wants so ignore them.“If you respond you encourage the bully”
  • Have some ‘down time’ without computer or mobile. Give yourself some time away from technology just for a break
  • If the bullying continues – delete your current email, msn, hotmail etc and start a new account.
  • Only give your new details to a small list of trusted friends.
  • Get a new phone number if being harassed on your phone. Report the problem to your phone company and insist on a new number for free.
  • If the bullying continues get mum or dad to report the bullying to the Australian Federal Police.
  • Use the AFP button on the home screen. Each state has laws that prohibit online bullying and stalking. You don’t have to put up with it.