Take action now! If you feel the need to empower yourself against an unfortunate episode of cyber bullying or, if you saw something that is inappropriate; uTell it.
Simply click on the tabs on the phone (to the left) to action your self defense and, shield yourself online.

1. Collect the evidence you need to submit your report.

2. Report the offence to the appropriate website or authority.
3. Watch some videos to learn how to be "safer" when online.
4. Not sure how to collect your evidence? Watch our "How to" videos.
5. Soothe your nerves, play some cyber safety games or Apps.
6. If it's REALLY serious you can report directly to the Aust. Federal Police.
7. Need extra support? Just click the "HELP" button
8. If you would like to learn more about our Cyber Academy and eduPLEX, click on the link.

Or you can... download it