Student ePortfolios

An electronic portfolio allows students reflect and showcase their learning experiences over a given period or activity. Students can gather and share their digital achievements as required by their teacher.

ePortfolios are an excellent record and can be effectively used during parent teacher conferences. Teachers or peers can provide feedback on a digital object or page. Student love to share their digital creativity. ePortfolios easily enable this. Build an online social educational community.

Content and layout can be personalized to create multiple views which meet the specific, differing or changing requirements of the user. Students can even create "collections" of pages according to year or topics.This ties in with one of the key tenets of personalized learning, that students become key partners in the design of learning to suit their needs. See the list of specific ePortfolio pages features below.


Teacher Virtual Classrooms:

Teachers can create custom courses (groups) to share blended learning opportunities to engage students digitally and compliment classroom learning.

Virtual classrooms can be used in a variety of ways from course to enrichment opportunities. They are designed to enable teachers to conduct forums, real time learning evidence and a whole lot more. Virtual class Groups are an easy way to deliver custom Blended Learning activities to a whole class or offer individualized resources to support a specific student. Students are then able to add their learning directly into the required digital portfolio page


Producing "authentic" learning.

Think of a 'honey pot'! It attracts and invites bees. Immersive learning involves a suite of features that attract (pull) learners and teachers into an environment that offers a wide variety of engagement points. In summary a user "wants to go there" as opposed to being "pushed" there. Users want to be a part of a dynamic environment where there is something to learn, something to publish and share their creativity.
The ability to "personalise through creativity is a powerful driver of authentic learning.

Add a cyber safe community for your school to give confidence, and the outcome is an immersive social learning community.

More features:

  • Video tutorials to support users
  • iLearn videos that teach the I.C.T skills
  • Easily used by students Level 1 - 6
  • Long scrollable pages to ensure relevant content is captured on one page not spread over multiple pages
  • Intra school student to student to teacher simple messaging
  • Very popular in Special schools
  • Add , Journals, external (web 2.0 content) to pages
  • Build unlimited Digital Portfolio pages
  • Teacher and individual Feedback feature on each page
  • Join pages into collections to "bind" ePortfolio pages into a yearly ePortfolio
  • Control who can see your view (ePorfolio)
  • Multi media integrated
  • Upload documents to embed into your ePortfolio
  • 50Mb 'cloud' storage per user
  • ePortfolio pages can be exported as a website to a USB or other external storage option