Starting Schools

Expression of Interest and Registration of New User Accounts
As a first step please complete the eduPLEX Registration Form. Click here to begin.

  1. Eduplex Admin will confirm your request via return email. 
  2. Eduplex Admin will send you a User Account Registration (UAR) to complete for each teacher and student account to be created.
PLEASE NOTE: eduPLEX is not a user self registration site. User Accounts are registered by your School via an authorised representative (teacher, technology / curriculum leader or Principal class). This ensures that ONLY users approved by your learning community will be inside your own eduPLEX on line community.

 The eduPLEX Administrator will acknowledge your email and create the User Accounts.
 eduPLEX Admin notify you by email when they are active and ready for use.
 We recommend the Lead eduPLEX Teacher create a 'eduPLEX" folder on your schools Teacher share (network drive)and save a copy ALL UARs, so teachers can find students passwords if they forget. This is particularly handy for Accounts that are rolled over into a new year and students have a different teacher)
 72 hours or sooner to process the UAR
 Your users are ready to Log In at:

Discuss the eduPLEX BeSmart Guide with the students. Download

Parent Information sheet. Download

If you need additional accounts all you need to do is email the eduPLEX Administrator for additional UAR forms.

Ongoing eduPLEX Users


For continuing support in managing User Accounts, Teachers can click on the eduPLEX Support centre after logging into eduPLEX. Topics covered include:

Forgotten password

Additional single or multiple Users

 Suspending and deleting Accounts

 Dealing with internal cyber bullying

 End of year Account deletion for exiting students