Curiosity is the driving force for all learning! From curiosity flows questions. With effective questioning answers come to the fore and new knowledge and understandings are formed. Creative thinking flows as we seek to solve and imagine new possibilities.

Each course below functions as an overlay framework for any Inquiry topic.

Level 1 -3 Wookii Wonder World

 Our team of cute characters (Wookii's) introduce young learners to curiosity centered learning

 SOLO Taxonomy is used as a guide

 Focus on a sound awareness of question asking

 Internet research basics

 Form connections from new knowledge

 Make predictions and create a new idea

Level 4 - 6 Q-World: Deep understandings

 Dive deeper and deeper into a topic or issue

 Follows the SOLO Taxonomy guide

 Emphasis on reflection and student teacher conferencing

 Advanced research skills

 Blended learning activities