eduPLEX offers a wide range of course and resources to support Foundation to Level 6 (vicVELS) in Primary schools.

F - 2 PC Basics

 eWizards: Foundation knowledge and skills 

 Cyber Safety: Cyber Heroes: Online / Internet awareness

3 - 4 Internet Searching & Drawing Essentials 

 Digital Drawing and animation

 Internet Searching & Online Web 2.0 Multimedia Resources

5 - 6 Office and Essential Applications 

 Mookiiworld: Essential Office and Home

 Amazing Online Race - collaborative I.C.T.

 Cyber Safety: Cyber Academy: Online safety & Digital Citizenship



 Simple machines

 Introduction to robotics

 Lego Mindstorms resources

Code Dojo

 Aim for 6 levels of accomplishment

 Covers "block" and simple "syntax" coding

 Opportunities for extension to popular computer coding languages

Drone Zone

 Flight control

 Code control

 Challenge focused