Official Stuff:

eduPLEX is a registered domain name and business name of Auto Prestige Valet P/L

  • A.C.N. (007 316 421)
  • A.B.N. (53 781 384 027)

Milestones: Founded in 2007. Virtium pioneered and established the world's first Virtual Interactive Real Time learning continuum. We were first with a digital notebook program that connected students and teachers with real time "point of presence" anywhere, anytime, 24/7. Teachers could create customised learning for their classes and distribute it instantly. Learning became ubiquitous!

  • 2011. As elearning emerged as a pedagogy and an enhanced tool for learning engagement, Virtium began to develop a online "gated" community for schools that enabled the promotion of digital citizenship and the capacity to share learning through digital portfolios.
  • 2011 to 2014. Eduplex went through a sustained beta release to our "crucible" schools.
  • 2015 and beyond. Our goal is to develop digital literacy confidence in young learners and create a cyber safe online education complex, eduPLEX!
  • 2016. eduplex was incorporated into the Auto Prestige Valet P/L Group and was significantly developed to accommodate multiple devices and browsers.... ready for any device and any browser
General Enquiries: George Sorgi - Managing Director

Mobile Telephone: 0418 54 02 02. (After 2.30pm)


  • Eduplex acknowledges and draws support from a variety of practicing education specialists passionate about 21st. Century learning, and ePedagogy.
  • All Eduplex products and services are developed in association with our Partner schools.